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European Cup spring 2021 in Czech Republic

Posted by WKF head office on February 15th, 2021

WKF CZECH president Raddy DIVIS


WKF CZECH REPUBLIC president Mr. Raddy DIVIS invite and confirm next




European Cup


spring 2021



open for all tough male/female K-1 Champions and all countries


In kick-light for Junior boys and girls 13-18 Years, adults 16 Years + in K-1 only, for all strong female and male in the city Brno in Moravia, Czech Republic.

WKF CZECH head office in Brno

Plus WKF title fights on the fight card in the finals.


YOU think you´re tough ?

Come to Brno and prove it !


For further information please contact WKF CZECH by mail.

All teams, fighters and real Champions are most welcome in Czech Republic !


Předseda pan Raddy DIVIS

Česká Republika úřad mail: info@wkf.cz  

Hledáme nové zaměstnance pro řízení WKF v České republice !!!

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