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WKF Netherlands

we are the real global player

International top WKF event, Europe vs. China, promoter WKF CHINA and Mr. Dinan YAN 10.12.2016 chn
MKC #9th, Montevideo, promoter WKF URUGUAY 10.12.2016 uru
WKF North American Open, Niagara falls, all disciplines, open for all countries, promoter WKF CANADA, Wolfgang BRUTTER 01.01.2017 america
African Championships in South Africa, promoter Mrs. Jani HEBLER and WKF RSA 01.01.2017 africa
PRO-AM K-1 Ladies World title - 57Kg / 125lbs, Deshire KURTAJ/AUT vs. Colby FLETCHER/USA, St. Louis, Missouri, promoter WKF USA and partner 07.01.2017 usa
World title K-1 rules - 96,40 Kg / 212 lbs Shamil ABBASOV / RUS vs. Dimitris MALIARIS/GRE, Samara, promoter WKF RUSSIA and Mikael GERASIMOV 28.01.2017 rus
Österreichische Neulingsmeisterschaft, ASIA Sportcenter 1220 Wien, promoter ASIA WIEN and WKF AUSTRIA 18.02.2017 aut
Österreichisches Kampfrichter Seminar WEST, für alle Österreichischen Kampfrichter und Neulinge, 6020 Innsbruck, promoter WKF AUSTRIA 03.03. - 04.03.2017 aut
WKF ÖSTM, Österreichische Staatsmeisterschaft, Innsbruck Leitgeb Halle, promoter WKF TIROL. LV, Präsident Gerhard CORRADINI 04.03.2017 aut
first Tunaweza tournament 2017 in Kampala, prommoter Moses GOLOLA and WKF UGANDA 04.03. - 05.03.2017 uga
World title Full contact + 96,5 Kg /+ 212 lbs, Alexej SOLOVYOV/RUS vs. TBA/USA, Cheboksary, promoter Rishat SAYAPOV and WKF RUSSIA 28.03.2017 rus
Österreichisches Kampfrichter Seminar OST, für alle Österreichischen Kampfrichter und Neulinge, 1030 Wien, promoter WKF AUSTRIA 01.04.2017 aut
athletes training seminar and coaching staff, and the African tournament of the Francophonie, Douala, promoter ACAV BOXING CLUB and WKF CAMEROON 14.04. - 15.04.2017 cmr
World referee seminar, Santorini Island, promoter WKF head office and WKF GREECE president George PERGIALIS 28.04. - 30.04.2017 gre
European Championships in Santorini, all disciplines, promoter WKF GREECE George PERGIALIS 01.05. - 06.05.2017 gre
International AAA event with fighters from 4 continents, 8 man tournament - 81,4Kg/179 lbs, plus 2 World titles, plus 2 PRO-AM European titles, in Karvina Nove Mesto, promoter Arkadius HULAK and WKF POLAND in cooperation with WKF CZECH REP. 03.06.2017 cze
athletes training seminar and coaching staff, World title defense Jean Michel MBOCK – 78,10Kg/172 lbs, promoter ACAV BOXING CLUB and WKF CAMEROON 13.10. - 14.10.2017 cmr
South American Championships 2017, Montevideo, all disciplines, promoter WKF URUGUAY Marcelo ESCOUTTO 21.10.2017 uru
World Championships Buenos Aires, promoter WKF ARGENTINA and Carlos SUAREZ 05.11. - 10.11.2018 arg
European Championships Slovenia / Poland / Innsbruck ? 01.01.2019 eur
World Championships, Toronto, all disciplines, promoter WKF CANADA , Wolfgang BRUTTER 01.01.2020 can
European Championships, Stuttgart / Paris / St. Peterburg ? 01.01.2021 eur
World Championships, Moskau / Berlin / Tehran / Tashkent / Nairobi ? 01.01.2022 wkf